Security Vulnerabilities & The Importance of Updates

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For the past week, security firm Sucuri has worked with the WordPress core security team to address a cross site scripting vulnerability discovered in more than a dozen popular WordPress plugins. The vulnerability is caused by a common code pattern used in WordPress plugins and themes. As a result, WordPress “core” (the foundation of WordPress) and many themes and plugins have issued updates. 

So Seven Blocks Design is reaching out to our clients to recommend urgent updating.

WordPress core, themes, and plugins continually have updates to address ever-evolving security issues, as well as sometimes to add new features. WordPress typically has updates 3-4 times per year, while various themes and plugins may have more or less frequent updates.

WordPress has made it seemingly very easy to update a lot of these things. And after Seven Blocks Design built your site, we trained you to update the content. So you can click a button that says “Update”, right?

Here’s why you should have us handle updates… Nine times out of ten updates go smoothly, but when they don’t, do you know what to do? When Seven Blocks Design updates sites, we make sure there are backups, and we update incrementally, continually double-checking the site. If something does go wrong, we know how to troubleshoot the issues.

We’re now encouraging our clients to establish regular site updating plans. Contact us to discuss options further.

More details about the recent security alert are available via the following links:

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