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7bd-blog-teamSeven Blocks Design is excited to announce its team-at-large!

By partnering with other professionals, Diana Hobstetter and Seven Blocks Design can offer clients more services with deeper levels of experience in a variety of areas.



Timm Freeman is a graphic designer with a long history in high-end editorial and branding work. He got his start at Tower Records Corp ad agency, then moved on to join branding firm Addis/Cresson, and was Creative Director for Brentwood Publishing Group, overseeing the design and layout of six monthly regional lifestyle magazines.

As an independent design and branding services provider and consultant, Timm works in tandem with clients to craft a brand’s story, moniker, and total package look and feel from print to web and beyond. Timm is also a family man and musician with a passion for forward-thinking, earth-conscience global outreach.

Timm Freeman and Diana Hobstetter met on the playground…their kids’ school playground, and discovered their common interests in design and music. In fact, Diana first discovered one of the bands she currently plays with because Timm had been in the band.

Timm had been working on the design side of web projects for many years, but had yet to, in his own words, “find the right developer to take ideas from concept to fruition.” Diana had been looking to grow her business to be able to meet the needs of larger businesses. Working with another designer with experience in branding, print and client relations is one key part of that.

Already having a friendship made the transition to partnering on larger projects go smoothly and it was soon evident that their combined talents and experience bring much more to the table for clients.

Otoño Lujàn

Otoño Luján is an entrepreneur and marketing strategist who has founded and run multiple business ventures. His expertise is in driving online traffic to websites and working with business owners to capitalize on and convert that traffic. He is multi-lingual, and can translate SEO, SEM, ROI and web analytics into English.

He is a tenacious problem solver whose unconventional approaches achieved results where others have failed. He has a soft spot for the underdog and spends a generous amount of time helping small business owners succeed. Outside of work and family time, Otoño enjoys running, audiobooks and playing music.

Otoño and Diana first met each other through the Los Angeles accordion world, as both are avid accordionists. Years later, when they spied each other at a WordCamp, they were astounded to discover that they both were involved in the web world.

Soon Diana called Otoño in on a site redesign that involved a major restructuring to simplify a site with over 50 pages (besides the blog posts), and the information gleaned from analytics provided key insights into which pages were bringing in traffic and why, thus shaping the restructure and making it more effective.

Otoño’s contribution to improving a site’s connection to its targeted audience and driving traffic to clients’ sites is a welcome asset to the Seven Blocks Design toolbox.

Richard Grossman

Richard Grossman is a recognized technology leader, developing software for multi-national companies like Bank of America, Gap, Disney, Microsoft and more. He’s a speaker at technology events, leader of technology groups, active in the startup community, and an expert in business and financial services software.

Richard is currently a developer for an online and mobile app company. Recent experiences include being an instructor at General Assembly for the Web Development Immersive course, 5 years at a hedge fund, and 2 years at a mobile application startup. He brings his knowledge of technology, development, security, analytics, funding, and business to the table… as well as his big laugh.

Richard has been a business and technology mentor to Diana years before she even contemplated going into business herself. His passion for technology and finding business and technical solutions have been an inspiration to Diana. They have worked on websites together on and off for well over a decade, including multiple contest sites for KABC and E!Online back in the ’90s as well as e-commerce and database sites.

Richard’s diverse experience in the technology field can provide invaluable insights and capabilities for particular projects.

  • Sheri Pritchard

    Timm is gonna be SUCH a good addition to your team. He has terrific job skills, great experience, and marvelous ideas. He’s a TREASURE!!!

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