Solutions, Not Websites

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blog-how-to-communicate“Provide solutions for clients rather than just websites”

This is actually a critical point. Many people come to a web designer saying “I want a website.” But it’s essential to understand what a client wants to gain from a website, how they might use it, and how it will help them achieve the goals of their business or project.

Sometimes a good web designer can even help a client understand their goals and possibilities better, which is what I try to do. I believe in partnering with clients to present what they are doing in the best light and to help them further their goals.

I definitely have a preference for creating Responsive WordPress sites with robust Social Media integration and training clients to update their sites as I believe those are effective methods for companies’ online presences, and I believe in communicating what I know about best practices and possibilities that non-web designers may not be aware of. That being said, each project is as unique as each client and their goals and it is important to see what fits particular needs and budgets.



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