Why Seven Blocks Design?

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Seven Blocks Design is the new name for Diana Hobstetter’s design company.

The previous name was Second Street Design Studio, which was based on the office location. But times change, and the business is no longer based there. So it was time for a new name…

I started brainstorming all sorts of names, and these days it’s not just coming up with a good name, but also a good domain name. I didn’t want to name it after my location this time, but wanted it to reflect what I did, what I was good at, and what I had to offer.

I was looking up words in the thesaurus, reading various articles on topics in my fields… And then I came across an article on the seven blocks of social media. Boom! Then I found another resource on the seven blocks honeycomb of user experience design. Bam! I knew I was onto something.

So Seven Blocks Design is about building blocks. My building blocks include artistic design, branding, user experience, social media, technical skills, empowering others, and a friendly approach.

Seven Blocks Design is about using building blocks to create appealing and effective designs and marketing.

I’m excited to start afresh! I hope you will be too!

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