Back 2 Basics – Outdoor Adventure Therapy

Diana Hobstetter: Website Design and Site Architecture
Otoño Lujàn: SEO, Analytics, Adwords
Timm Freeman: Branding Refinement

WordPress Website (Responsive), Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WordPress, Photoshop

About The Project

Seven Blocks Design designed and developed a new WordPress website for this long-term residential drug and alcohol rehab with a unique multi-faceted program. One of the main goals of the site was to make it easier for site visitors to obtain information as well as improve search findings.

Seven Blocks Design did a major site overhaul addressing numerous issues to make the site easier to navigate and find information. While this is important for every site, it’s especially critical for site visitors who may be in a crisis to be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. Some things included simplifying the site structure and main menu items (went from 30 menu items to 16 menu items), making Apply and Contact links prominent (had not been top level links previously), reducing multiple pages to have to click through to get to information, and creating blocks of content with bold topic headings to aid the reader’s attention.

In terms of design, the approach was to open it up evoking the expanse of nature. Photos from all their outdoor adventures populate the site in headings and slideshows with the content information in dark brown and blue tones on pale wood backgrounds. The concept was to create a feeling of comfort and calm while retaining a masculine quality, and incorporate the element of nature that makes them unique in their field. Their previous site was darker with hard-to-read light-colored text.

We analyzed the original site’s keywords and URLs to see what was bringing in site viewers utilizing this information to inform site structure changes.
While we kept much of the text content that existed, we were able to refine, organize and present information in more effective ways to enhance communication.

The site is Responsive, meaning it adapts to the device it’s being viewed on (desktop, tablet, mobile).

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