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I think learning is a lifelong activity and there is always room for improving and growing.

I belong to several Meetup groups concerning web design and have been going to a number of seminars. Most of these have concerned WordPress and User Experience (UX). It is great to live in a time and place where such resources are available.

There are a variety of benefits to these seminars. Sometimes I learn how to do something specific, sometimes I learn how to do something faster/easier/better, sometimes I learn what I would outsource but it gives me a better overview of the concerns, sometimes there are topics I already know and it’s a confirmation of my knowledge, and sometimes it’s just good to meet other people in the industry.

These are some of the seminars I’ve gone to in recent months:
  • 2013 WordCamp Los Angeles
  • The Economy of WordPress
  • SoCal UX Camp (2013)
  • SoCal WordPress Camp (2012)
  • Intro to User Experience Design
  • Moving WordPress
  • Responsive Design, CSS3 & HTML5
  • Social Media for Business
  • Photoshop Painting


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