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  • We met with Diana and spoke with her about our needs for designing websites for our clients, as well a re-vamp of our own website. Diana not only listened to what we had to say, but respected our needs and concerns. She takes direction and guidance, but she is also constantly providing ideas and invaluable input. In contrast, we had worked with another designer for a number of years, and our previous designer never offered any ideas or input, so Diana's approach was truly a breath of fresh air!

    Adolpho Ayala Initiate PR
  • Diana saved me and my website from the damages of a "more affordable" designer. She immediately found solutions for the issues in my site and didn't doubt in resorting to other people's knowledge when things became extremely complicated. She sets the expectations right and delivers accordingly, but is ready to modify things if you are not happy with the result. She establishes a personal relationship with the client so it becomes much easier to express what you want to get out of your site beyond the mere design stuff. I will definitely will go back to Diana whenever my WP needs attention.

    Carlos Quintero Andelusia Lifestyles
  • Diana set up the website for my film Absent Now the Dead and did DVD and Blu-Ray jewel case design as well. She did a fantastic job. Diana is also extremely easy to work with and very professional. She also really knows her work. I couldn't be happier. I will engage her services for my next film.

    Hamilton Sterling Absent Now The Dead - Film
  • Because I've known and worked with Diana for years, it was a no-brainer to get her involved in the relaunch of the FlowTown Films website. The design and build required the ability to be flexible and handle video streaming, both as portfolio and for private client review of work-in-progress, as well as a blog format that let me showcase photography work and business news. The templates and plugins she suggested for WordPress were sharp and well designed but she did extensive back-end adjustments to fit my needs. I can't say enough good things about the experience and Seven Blocks Design. thx!

    Glenn Spann FlowTown Films
  • My company hired Diana from Seven Blocks to design and build 2 different websites.  Both are completely unique and on 2 different platforms. One is a WordPress site to showcase our products and another is a Shopify site were we sell directly to customers. Diana helped to design our brand and website layouts. She is great in pushing the process along and making sure that the site has a successful launch. Diana has a great team to back her up with knowledge in SEO, graphic design and store design. She has been a joy to work with and we will continue to work with her in the future.

    Scott Pitters Simple Walls / Pulp Art Surfaces
  • Thank you so much for building my website on-time, under-budget, and with class & grace. You are superbly creative: I had a request, only a germ of an idea; and you turned it into a work of art. I'm proud that I've had such a unique and talented web designer create my "baby." You don't just develop, you brand, design, create & build: you're more of an architect than a "builder."

    Carole Helford Aragon, J.D., LL.M. Aragon Mediation
  • Diana and I worked very closely together, she she spent a lot of time with me to really get a sense of who I am and what I wanted to convey. She listened to me and took my opinions into consideration every step of the way, and yet she also gave me needed direction and useful suggestions. Diana is a consummate professional who brings her unique perspective and warm personality to all that she does. I give Seven Blocks Design my highest recommendation!!!

    Adrienne Salick, PsyD Adrienne Salick, PsyD
  • I love Diana and Timm of Seven Blocks Design.  They carefully listened to what was important to me and my goals. The results of their work was fantastic. They are a good balance of creative and technical!

    Steven Lenchner Lenchner Glass
  • I can't say enough good things about Diana. I was asked to keep my company website up to date and Diana was hired to help show me the ropes when it comes to Wordpress. She was very patient and explained everything very well. I feel so confident that I can do a good job and it's all thanks to her. I would HIGHLY recommend her and will contact her in the future if I need extra help!

    Kiana Delamare DPI Retail
  • I had a wonderful experience working with Diana. She designed our school's first online Annual Report from scratch, and I've received nothing but compliments since the site went live. The design is clean and streamlined (as we requested), easy to navigate and reflects our school's aesthetic. Diana was friendly and flexible, bringing great ideas to the table while always respecting the client's vision and goals. She was also very accessible and nailed deadlines. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

    Sara Ring Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences
  • Timm and Diana did a spectacular job designing a website for our company (which was not an easy task). Both were easy to work with, dedicated, thoughtful, great listeners and dedicated problems solvers. Felt like the right mix of creativity and common sense functionality. The entire process was a satisfying experience. I highly recommend.

    Jon Gerrans Strand Releasing
  • Seven Blocks redesigned my website, and I couldn't be any happier. Working with Diana was a pleasure. We set a calendar for completion, and Diana was on task every step of the way, delivering a site that exceeded my expectations and most importantly launching it on-time. I highly recommend Seven Blocks Design!

    Jeff Stuppler Quicksand
  • Diana was able to translate all my needs into a working, exciting website. I was anxious about taking on the task of redesigning my site, but Diana made the experience a pleasure - she is a GEM!

    Claudia David PhD MFT Claudia David PhD MFT
  • I feel my website [by Seven Blocks Design] is a wonderful representation of me and my services, it is updated and feels modern and still has the distinct style of my character.

    Claudia David PhD MFT Claudia David PhD MFT
  • I absolutely loved working with Diana to completely redesign my website! She was warm, timely, creative and innovative! I am Psychologist and yoga teacher and desperately needed to modernize my website and reach more people.

    Claudia David PhD MFT Claudia David PhD MFT
  • I hired Diana to design my website for my private practice (I am a psychologist), and I can't adequately describe what a wonderful experience it was! First of all, the website itself is amazing. It is visually appealing and user friendly, chock full of all the necessary information while still retaining style and remaining interesting. Second of all - and maybe even more importantly - Diana made that website feel like ME.

    Adrienne Salick, PsyD Adrienne Salick, PsyD
  • Diana's talent combined with her keen sense of the market and design trends is outstanding.  Equally importantly, her ability to relate to client needs and sense what will best work for the client is a huge plus! I plan to continue working with Diana to build both my online presence and my on-site training.  What a great experience this has been!  I am very happy to have found Diana and Seven Blocks Design!

    Diana Platt Diana Platt's Keys To Communication
  • I contacted Diana when I needed to add some new features to my business, specifically features related to branding.  I wanted to revamp the design of slides that I use in my training programs.  Diana created a fantastic new look ... way beyond my expectations! Even one of my clients raved about the new look and feel of the presentations.

    Diana Platt Diana Platt's Keys To Communication
  • Great images benefit from great framing.  When I needed a photographic web site, I turned to Diana Hobstetter to help me build it.  The result——is a sparkling, lively showcase for my work that receives a constant stream of visitors.  Thanks, Diana!

    Jack Prichett Jack Prichett Photography
  • Throughout the whole process, Diana was so helpful and it was very obvious she truly cared about my site. Diana is a great communicator and really listens to what you want while adding a personal touch. She went out of her way to make sure my site would be user friendly and that it would be easy for me to update. I couldn't be more pleased with my website and would definitely recommend using Seven Blocks Design to all.

    Caroline Harkleroad
  • I came across Seven Blocks Design on Yelp after having searched for a web designer in the Santa Monica area, and I am so glad I did. Not only is Seven Blocks the most reasonably priced design firm, but you get to work one-on-one with Diana, which is amazing. Diana is an incredible creator and really has a passion for what she does.

    Caroline Harkleroad
  • Diana Hobstetter is not only artistic, but she produces a lot of results for the money you invest in her work. She is really, really good at talking with the client and understanding who they are and what the image is that they want to project.

    Richard Grossman Systems Engine
  • Thanks to Diana Hobstetter, our company exists on the World Wide Web. When we have a performance coming up, we can do a mass mailing and announcement without licking one stamp! When we are auditioning for something, or someone wants to know about our company, they can find samplings of our work online.

    Anne Grimaldo Naked With Shoes
  • She was a joy to work with.  Her patience and grace is unrelenting...I am no computer expert but she trained me to update the website on my own!  This is really big.  As an artist, I am always creating new work and want to keep my audience informed of current and upcoming projects.  And now I can thanks to Diana!

    Amy Kaps Amy Kaps - Artist
  • We'd had the same theme for the last twelve years and the site did not reflect at all who we are today as a business and where we want to go. Diana took the time to meet with my business partner and me, find out about our values, and make us part of the re-design process.

    Marion Clark Surf Academy
  • I  consider Seven Blocks to be in the top ranks at using social media, WordPress, Photoshop and all the other state-of-the-art tools available for UX (user-experience) and UI (user-interface). Highly recommended.

    Richard Grossman Systems Engine
  • Diana (Seven Blocks Design) worked with us to get our website the way we wanted it. Her guidance, attention to our needs, and prompt service helped us get online quick. Thanks, Diana!

    Ed Marshall Ooks of Hazzard
  • Diana Hobstetter has done wonders for the identity and presence of our dance company, Naked With Shoes, on the Internet. We now have a Facebook page with pictures, reviews, & videos. She helped NWS create a Facebook page, YouTube channel, resume, and dance videos.

    Anne Grimaldo Naked With Shoes
  • Diana is wonderful! She worked with me and my business partner and designed a beautiful website for us with everything we wanted. She handled everything professionally, efficiently, and artistically. Diana is a pleasure to work with and is very talented - I highly recommend her services.

    Jennifer Button A Home Away From Home
  • Diana is a great communicator, a diligent designer, and she always kept our values and goals in mind when creating our new site. I highly recommend Diana and Seven Blocks Design for your website needs!

    Marion Clark Surf Academy
  • Diana has an astounding aesthetic sense. She builds beautiful and creative websites that will catch the attention of your target audience. She is a pleasure to work with and gets the site done in a timely manner.

    Merlin Gaspers Gaspers Construction
  • In this day of internet and social media, I feel like we can be as competitive surfing the net as we are surfing the waves! I love Love LOVE our new site, I'm enjoying learning how to make live updates and announcements to out students and prospective clients, and most of all, I feel empowered by the entire process.

    Marion Clark Surf Academy
  • Seven Blocks did an art-collection website for a client of mine in New York. That collection was auctioned for $8.5 million at Sotheby's less than a year later.


    Richard Grossman Tech III, Inc. (for
  • We love our new website and working with Diana. She has great ideas and was very good at communicating with us throughout the process. She went out of her way to find quality products that would work to fit our needs. The end result is amazing! Thanks Diana!

    Jamie Shindle Surf Academy
  • It was such a pleasure working with Diana, who was so supportive throughout the whole process, was able to adapt to my needs and my artist sensitivity making the process easy. She has a fantastic personality, works and responds so quickly to your needs. I highly recommend her.

    Annette Lorant Annette Lorant - Makeup Artist
  • I am so pleased with my new website designed by Diana Hobstetter of Seven Blocks Design. Diana is gifted in her visual and artistic approach as well as having an intuitive understanding of my "product".

    Amy Kaps Amy Kaps - Artist
  • Diana and Seven Blocks Design did a major overhaul of my Surf Academy website and DANG, I feel like a new business!


    Marion Clark Surf Academy



Our process is iterative and collaborative with clients. We ask questions, discuss ideas and strategies. We find that clients are happy with the results because they have been part of the process all along the way to define and meet their goals.


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